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Consultant Psychologist


About Me

In the past 25 years I have conducted over 7,000 assessments of children, teenagers, and adults with a variety of learning, developmental, health, social, emotional, and behavioural  conditions. I am committed to best practice guidelines with regard to comprehensive and thorough evaluations followed by timely, clear, and detailed written reports. I treat all clients with dignity and respect, always emphasizing positive approaches and strategies designed to enhance personal growth.

I relocated to the West of Ireland in 1995, with my Irish wife and three young sons. I am a doctorally trained psychologist and was a licensed psychologist in the United States. I specialize in assessments and interventions for children and adults. I am the sole author of two books about my work, with a third one in preparation.   




+353 91 528 076

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After years of fighting to get help for my child Dr. Wilkinson has come to our rescue and we eventually have a proper diagnosis for our child and can eventually get him the help he needs now that we know what we are dealing with.
— G.K.